Seppälä wanted to make a strong statement in sustainability and collaborate with Pure Waste Textiles by making a limited edition capsule collection from Pure Wastes’ innovative recycled materials.

I developed the concept and products for the capsule collection. The whole collection was made with a water saving process from 100% recycled materials and was sold in the spring of 2015 in selected Seppälä stores and online.

The collection was well received in the press and by customers and brought positive attention to Seppälä’s improved sustainability agenda.

Sustainability demands for fashion companies have increased tremendously over the years and ecological materials are nowadays widely available also in high-street retailers. Less focus is still paid to the “behind the scenes” processes such as water consumption and energy efficiency. Pure Waste’s materials gave a good platform to raise awareness also for these aspects of sustainability and eco-friendly fashion for Seppälä’s customers.

Often sustainable collections for high-street retailers are either very fashion forward or very basic in style. My idea for the Pure Waste collection concept was to make sustainable collection both in style and material wise. The collection stands out from the basic but the style in not out of date in one season. The designs were developed around classical stripe patterns.

I also wanted to refer to the water saving process used for the collection. The print that I designed for the collection is hand painted and is inspired by clean water.